Friday, 16 March 2012

Distributed Computing

             First you'll think what is distributed computing? you might have heard of distributed systems where a collection of independent computers that appears to its users as a single coherent system. where many machines are working together to fulfill users requirement but user feels that he is working on a single machine. so what is distributed computing then?   Distributed computing is a science which solves a large problem by giving small parts of the problem to manycomputers to solve and then combining the solutions for theparts into a solution for the problem, In a distributed computing setup, the program runs like itwould in a single computer even when it is, in fact, usingdifferent computer processors.

why to use distributed computing?

  • A computer that is part of a distributed computing network usually has a program installed in it that is its direct link to the administrative server or servers.
  • The software remains dormant in the individual computer until such time that the computer's system becomes idle .
  • At this point, the software will be activated and will inform the administrative server about available resources in the computer.
  • The administrative server will respond by sending an application package to the requesting computer.
  • The moment the user has need of his own resources again,the management server will immediately relinquish the resources that it has been monopolizing, back to the owner of the computer.

what are the challenges you will face in distributed computing?

  1. Heterogeneity
            Various Systems in the Distributed must be able to communicatewith each other despite of different:
  • Hardware
  • Programming Language
  • Operating Systems
  • Network
    2.   Scalability

          The system should work efficiently with increase in number of users.

    3.   Security

  • Security in Distributed system consists of two Components:Confidentiality: Protection against unauthorized users.Integrity: Protection against alteration.
  • Encryption techniques can be used.

  4.   Transparency

         The Entire System Should appear as a Single Unit and theInteractions between the Components should be typicallyhidden from the Users.

  • Telephone Network.
  • Computer network such as the Internet.
  • aircraft control systems.
  • Banking system
Disadvantages of distributed computing:
  • A lot of extra programming is required to set up a distributed system.
  • If not planned properly, a distributed system can decrease the overall reliability of computers.
  • A node could get a work unit, and then not complete it, which would affect remaining nodes.



Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Colorful day-HOLI

                  First of all, HAPPY HOLI . I am sorry about writing nontechnical topic on this blog, and I wrote this topic because this is the festival I like the most among all INDIAN festivals. And I will not bore you with this topic . and first of all this topic is for all our friends outside India or people in India who doesn’t play Holi. You all will be thinking that this guy is trying to make us understand what holi is, but I am sorry to disappoint you’ll again because I won’t tell you’ll what is HOLI and why is it celebrated..Because that data you can easily get it on net by taking our friends help . So bear with me for this topic where I share with you all things we (by specifying we I meant along with my friends) used to do while playing holi.

              When we were of around 9 year Holi meant lot of fun. We used to go around splashing water on everyone in our way while returning from school, after returning from school we used to directly head to our house to get our water gun, and after getting water gun we used to spray water on every one coming in our sight (Holi and diwali are the only festival in Indian calendar where you can literally grab a gun and run around everyone but obviously I am talking about toy gun) and believe me it was fun then. Then gradually we age with time and holi meant something different for us. Now being of around 16years holi had some other meaning. Grabbing a gun was thing of past and doing so meant you are immature among your friends. After this holi had another meaning, we used to throw water in small plastic bag (you can call it water bomb) . When you are in college it seems so much cool to throw this water bombs on pedestrians or your friends from your building terrace. And many times it takes some help from police to stop us from throwing it below. But personally nor I or my friends have experienced police intervention in any past years during holi. I was just saying about police by knowing about many people from my locality.
this is the color(gulaal) I was talking about.

applying color
        And during day of colors (we call that day as dhuleti) you cannot imagine in your wildest dream your body can be so colorful, and that color being normal one made from flower petals used to get off body fast and easily. 
But as you grow up you learn many things such as use of water bombs was limited. Now we use it only occasionally to take revenge among ourselves or to relish your gone days. Now with age even your habits changes, first we used natural color to apply on each other’s face or body. Then as you grow up playing with it also means now you have to change it, so now we play with OIL PAINT (yes you heard it right). 
during holi your face looks somewhat like this
 And to tell you oil paint takes nearly 3-4 days to restore your skin to same color. I know it is harmful to play with but you can’t really help because friends will be friends and you can’t change them by saying that dude please stop applying me this paint because its affecting my skin. But truly speaking even I like to play with it. Holi is the festival you can play freely and enjoy playing it.

this is how your face look after holi,you can compare this photo with one I have  in my bio section.

[All the thing described above is the way I have played holi, I can’t say that this is how whole INDIA plays it. But it would be something similar only. And photos shown here are some of the extreme way you can play holi. I don’t think everybody plays in same way.]