Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Why isn't there any Indian Mark Zuckerberg?

                   Now starting with our second article, I always use to imagine that how come someone of the age of 19 creates a website that is of great demand and is very well known. but always one question comes to my mind while thinking of such a great stalwart that even if India has such sharp minds, vast knowledge, great institutes (obviously should be only IITS), and last but not the least vast population we can't produce even one site which is even half in its popularity from Facebook, but 1 thing which can be held responsible in this issue can be our EDUCATION SYSTEM
              Where till the age of 16 your knowledge of understanding things is not even considered, to get noticed you have to increase the capacity of mugging things up. till then you just have to wait till your exams and prepare yourself for mugging more and more of syllabus and if you survive this then you can achieve milestone in your result but that is of importance till you achieve your admissions in junior college then after that till the age of 23years you finish your college education and achieving your degrees, which is again very much important to get you a job in good company.
                  But the main thing in education system of any developed country revolves around practical knowledge given to students. But in India you can compare it to null. Nor can any student help in exploring any other ideas along with studies because of the vast syllabus he has to deal with.

                                          Due to this the average youth of our country graduates around age of 23 years, and after that experimenting is the last thing on anyone's mind as they have to get settle in their respective job so as to get married according to their parent's wish where his age would be around 25-26 years. And after marriage every individual wants is only one thing that is steady flow of income to support his family. So many powerful brains which use to top in their respective school and colleges get is the only job of various post and dreams of owning such big sites or company might just get dimmer and dimmer for them.


                     While on the other hand MARK ZUCKERBERG started making his own projects from the age of 19, and he even left his education for making his dream come true and giving time to his dream. If any average Indian guy tries to do the same thing then it can tend to make him most vulnerable in the so-called civilized society. He is termed as FAILURE for rest of his life. So leaving college between his educations is a big No-No from them and even their families.
                    so we have to wait till our society becomes less civilized, which can be impossible. so next best thing can be done is government to make our education bear some fruit for all, for our country, for our parents and then lastly for our self.
              So with this i have written second post for my blog,so friends please help me in improving myself by your beloved comments/feedback.

Monday, 27 June 2011

IS ENGINEERING right choice for your career ?

Guys this is my first post in my blog so please help me in making this blog better by your feedback/comments.
 Now moving to our topic for this week, which is on "ENGINEERING”, original definition of Engineering when searched in wikipedia is something like this-
"Engineering is the discipline, art, skill and profession of acquiring and applying scientific, mathematical, economic, social, and practical knowledge, in order to design and build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes that safely realize improvements to the lives of people." but according to students who want admission in engineering it is the best profession from all the available field right now. but if they take into consideration the view of students who are already in this field they might think of giving up their thought of taking engineering. but all that thing depends upon individual thinking so one person might think of going to commerce after taking into account the view of their seniors other might just think that the person from whom they have taken their view from was scoring less than them when that person was in that particular class so they might feel this field more tougher than it actually is, and believe me there are people who think that way. but to their disappointment this view of them is totally baseless because once you are into engineering you are bound to be disappointed because person who has scored less than you in their previous exam are much ahead of them in their semester exams(note for non Engg students. engg syllabus have semester pattern).
                       This is mainly because people might think that during admissions in the college he got more marks then others in his class so he can just beat them in semester exams but when results are out they are shocked to find that there are many people ahead of him in that particular exam, this is because he came in this field because his parents felt that he had to be in this line to be something irrespective off his choice ,and he would be talented also from him but his interest is in this line for his love for his parents. believe me if he would be given choice to choose his career path he would have selected some other line for himself but just to make his parents dream come true he is in this line but many people are in this line because of their love for machines be it computer, cars, circuit or anything else related to engineering . It is not that this people will get top marks in their class or something but once they are through engineering they will be happy with their profession because that is the line they have chosen for them self and will be satisfied, on the other hand person who are in this field for their parents are bound to break down somewhere in their life because of their lack of interest in that subject.
              You can describe engineering however you like, you can feel engineering however you want because at last you are the person who has to stay in this world with this profession. it is not something that you can ask others to give their view on because there is simple logic that no two person has same view on any one thing some people may like red color some may like black color, so when you decide to take engineering as your profession then instead of taking others view on that subject just ask one question to yourself -CAN YOU STAY ALIVE WITH THIS PROFESSION FOR REST OF YOUR LIFE and taking into consideration your love for machine you decide if you want to take this field or not, and if you want you can ask others also about this line but always give preference to your own thought because you are the one who has to live with that knowledge.

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