Saturday, 31 December 2011

Why do you need COMPUTER SECURITY?

            Computer Security is the main concern we have in today's electronic world,because today all the transactions are done online so to safeguard this transactions we have to take some preventive measures,and the manner in which you take this measures decides how much secure your computer is!!! so this blog is not on steps you should take to safeguard your online world because that point you can easily get with help of our FRIEND ,so instead I will write about why is it necessary to take this steps,and what will happen if you fail to do so.

            Your online world is always in danger,sometimes because of faulty servers,sometimes due over-excited friends who can't keep secrets and spread your details with others,and sometime due to an individual who we call as HACKER.your online world is your responsibility,you can't blame any other organization  for anyone breaking into your account it should always be our respectability to protect our virtual world .lets take an example to understand better You buy an car lets say from X company and then after some day somebody breaks into it and take away all your valuables from it,so whom are you going to blame the manufacturer who have made the car ( in our case say X company) or the distributor who have sold you the car.? let it be in that case or in our case we cant blame anyone for this as it is our duty to protect our digital world,you can't blame facebook if your facebook account is hacked into or say that facebook is very easy to hack,because as an multinational company nobody likes to tarnish their image so they try to provide us with the best security but even then your account is hacked into then it should be some mistake you would have done by giving your password or details to anyone or keeping easy to break password or keeping same password for long time or some individual brilliance i.e hacker. It is not that it is always our mistake if you are hack into,it can also be as their servers are vulnerable to attack but it is not always the for majority of case we have to protect ourself from this attacks.

           Even if you consider any company related to transactions like paypal or say ebay or any bank account ,these company have the best technology in business but as they are green pasture for hackers as once they are through they can get hold of some really big amount so along with company it is our duty also to take protection and prevent your virtual world from being misused by someone.

                 It is always as prevention is better then cure so you have to take prevention before your account is hacked into because getting back what you have lost can be virtually impossible.
you might also think as nobody till now has hacked into your account to cause you harm and will never be able to, but you should always remember that particular NOBODY wants only one chance to get hold of your account once done you will have to pay price for it,so remember ONE SINGLE ATTACK IS NEEDED BY ANYONE TO DESTROY YOUR ONLINE WORLD ,SO avoid that single attack by taking proper preventive measures.
                so along with this article I will post link from which you can help yourself to protect your online you can click HERE if you want to know about prevention against such attack and secure your virtual life.
              so friends this was the last topic for this year,thank you'll for reading it and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all .