Monday, 26 December 2011


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is receiving a Grammy for his technological innovations in the arts.
Jobs is among a dozen people, music groups or companies receiving honourary awards February 11, the day before the Grammys. He died of cancer in October.Grammy organisers called him a ''creative visionary'' for the innovations that include the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
“He took technology and turned it into art, becoming a key player and leader in the entertainment world, particularly music, and changing the way we all use the Internet and consume music, TV, movies, books, graphics, and more,” the Recording Academy said.
Without jobs creating i-tunes the sales for albums and singles would'nt be the same and his innovations that gave the music lovers the heavenly experience.without STEVE JOBS the music industry would not have been the same his grammy is well deserved.

But why does the grammy academy always honours a man after his death?


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