Saturday, 25 February 2012

GIANT on the verge of being forgotten -THE NOKIA

          Now a days we all use i phones, or some galaxy device or some other android device but there was a time when having a phone was luxury and at that time only one company used to rule the market,it was NOKIA. During that time using a phone having camera would make make you richest among your folks. And along with camera if you would have phone with Bluetooth( Nokia 6600 ruled market then) then it was considered same as you are having Samsung  Galaxy Note in today's time.we are not here to discuss history of Nokia but we are here to share something about Nokia's downfall according to us( company would have surely discussed this matter with their official but according to us it will give them user's feedback on their role in market).JY998W3B8WZM
            For company which started as a paper mill and went on to be the number one company in whole world and that to in the field which was totally different from what it owner would have thought at that time. Only for that reason I think we should salute Mr Fredrik Idestam and Mr Leo Mechelin,founder and co founder resp of NOKIA,who himself would have never thought that his company would be number one in field which is totally different from where he started it.

why don't we like Nokia now?
 People used to buy Nokia devices because they were sturdy. you don't had to worry if your phone slips from your hand, with Nokia you can have that trust that even if your phone had great fall, you'll just need to attach battery and case, and voila your phone is ready for use again. so what is the problem now? so now Nokia doesn't give you enough sturdy models?
none of the people who have used Nokia once in their life will say that thing, because they would also had their phone intact after some great falls. 

So now what is the main factor for Nokia slide down?
I personally feel that the main reason can be its old operating system, because when you see human nature it tends to get bored quite easily and fast after using same thing for many years, same thing might have been instrumental in Nokia's downfall, you can't expect people to use different device with almost same features and same operating system which will enable you to play same games and use same software. people want something new, and by something I mean some big change is needed you can't make minor tweaks in existing operating system and give it back to user (for example you can take android, if currently you are using android v 2.1 then you know you are bound to get update of v 2.2 in some time and that to in same device itself) so I think that is one aspect where Nokia has been overtaken by android. 

next factor can be increase in usage of applications.
Before android and apple revolution begin,people used to be quite happy using their old phones   equipped with camera and Bluetooth only, but now a days people want all types of applications they can get on market to be installed in their phone. but Nokia is not open source as android so there are lesser applications to use in Nokia then android. so that is where Nokia looses to android, because youngsters are now more and more inclined towards application which make their life easier and Nokia doesn't give them that option.

User interface also plays an important role.
user interface of Nokia or we can say of Symbian is very very dull, and in android you can customize your user interface with all kind of widgets. so if Nokia can get what android offers us on User interface part then it can be partly competitive with android. 
          In this blog I am not saying that NOKIA is working for a lost cause( I am myself using Nokia from last 6 years and personally I am happy with its body or exterior of my phones but not with its hardware and operating system) It is a company which makes nice sturdy phones but what it needs is not solid models but some nice software even some change in operating system , which it has made to some extent also by introducing windows in its phone. but it will have to work harder to get it lost ground.