Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Technology have to play a role in saving water

      I think that technology is the only thing that can help us save water now,because the way we are using our resources I don't doubt it will be exhausted in few decades.but we might only think that we have enough resources that will easily be available till 80-90 years after that we will not be alive to bear its after effects so its okay if we don.t care about it,but that's wrong mentality we have towards nature because even if we won't be alive our children will have to suffer through this and I can bet that no parent will  want their children to go through Hell for the sake of water which they wasted because it was available to them. 
      For me water is the most important natural resource even more important than oxygen.because for oxygen we are blessed by some nice invention by some great personality(I am not searching Google for that personalities name here because our today's topic is for water) who have invented oxygen cylinder and even more technologies are been found for the same.but we cannot say the same thing for water because till date we have not found substitution for water.Water is such a resource that is used in almost all thing you use in daily life,let it be your morning coffee or cola or pepsi you drink,let alone foodstuffs it is used in manufacturing purpose also,it is used in power plants,Pressurized water is used in water blasting and water jet cutters. Also, very high pressure water guns are used for precise cutting.
so this were some of the uses of water we can think of at any given time.

         So basically we can say that we have not found any substitution for water till date.And what effect it will have on us will be known in long many will ask what type of technology will help us to conserve water now if truly speaking, I feel that we are way beyond that part when merely closing tap will help us save water.Now that is just basic thing we have to do for saving which technology and how to implement them can be best explained by our scientists because always EXPERT help us get through tough times,we are the ones who can just write about it but they are the one's who have to implement it. so talking about technology we would have never imagined that we will receive water by merely turning the tap and water from hundred's of kilometer away will flow to us. so that is what which was made possible to us by example can be of Air conditioner,our fore fathers would have never imagined that we can get below room temperature by just a click of button,and even that is possible you consider any technology let it be fan,computers,mobile phones,toasters or any electrical equipment ,nobody would have imagined before the discovery of that product that it would be so easy to perform that activity.In the same way we want just one technology that can do the same for water,because by turning the tap we all receive water but think of that day when, after turning the tap you would receive water after 7-8 days because there is no water available for us.and luxury of getting water everyday will be the thing of past. 
     You might think of above statement as an example but it is reality in many remote parts of India.You won't believe it but in remote parts of Gujarat people receive water after gap of almost 7 days,that's not because Government is not taking initiative for water conservation project but due to water scarcity in that region.And due to that building dams yields no result as there is irregular rainfall in that region.And due to water scarcity people started using ground water for daily purposes due to which ground water level has also what steps to take to slightly normalize the situation? steps are same that you,me all would have learnt at some point of time 
"To plant more and more trees in your environment".
        But we don't have time for such filthy works now as we are very busy with our daily life.but think we just have to give few minutes for it..and it can help you,your children and maybe even their children.Few days back I had read about level of pollution in our rivers(and it includes most of major Indian rivers) which has made it unsuitable even for agriculture purpose let alone drinking that water.if we would have helped in maintaining that rivers then we can at least get some other sources of water to consume apart from dams but due to human nature one more source of water has been now we are left with only one alternative, i.e. Rain water in our dams.Rain is unreliable source of water so relying on it will leave us with no water in long run because of deforestation activity undertaken by us.

       we need many activists to join hands to save this resources,to make government know the importance of water and to clean our holy rivers(so that it can be of some use to human race).

So guys spread this article for the sake of water you consume.


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