Sunday, 17 July 2011


          Now going into into next topic for this blog I am thankful to all of you for reading my blog.when I was sitting to write my next topic I heard the most shocking news that Mumbai has been attacked yet again. you can call it cowardice act of terrorist or failure of our police intelligence,but at last you have to make do with the fact that whatever be the reason we can't prevent the terrorist from attacking the business capital yet again.we might tell that Mumbai is resilient city which gets on its feet even after suffering from the worst attack,but the fact is that you are made to work even in that condition because nobody can afford to miss one day from work and get fired from it and add to it the daily increasing prices of living in this city,if you you accept defeat from this situation then it will make your life you consider any city in any part of world that city has to recover from the shock in real time time.but that is completely different topic.
           so coming again on our topic what has made terrorist organisation time and again attack Mumbai,might be because of the exposure,or the impact that particular attack has made on world. but Mumbai being the business capital of the nation, Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India, generating 5% of India's GDP,and accounting for 25% of industrial output, 70% of maritime trade in India (Mumbai Port Trust& JNPT),and 70% of capital transactions to India's economy. Mumbai is home to important financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange of India and the corporate headquarters of numerousIndian companies and multinational corporations. It houses some of India's premier scientific and nuclear institutes like BARC, NPCL, IREL, TIFR, AERB, AECI, and the Department of Atomic Energy. The city also houses India's Hindi (Bollywood) and Marathi film and television industry(more info if needed on mumbai can be searched on google).city so much important to the nation's development is made target so easily,what do city ministers feel when they say that this type of attack are very hard to detect,so what the hell are you doing with our money ,we are not paying this money in the form of taxes to hear your after attack condolences and for your visit in hospitals after the attack.
         Being a mumbaikar and to be taxpayer in near future I want to have the level of security high and give us the same amount of security which is visible to us when any minister visits our city.we are paying so much money in taxes not just for you to roam in your cars and give salaries to your ministers,we want you to make the police force ready for any form of attack and if possible make them in par with our beloved INDIAN ARMY.Mumbai being the only city in this country which helps in increasing national income and what are we getting in return attacks in the form of bomb blast and fidayeen style of attacks.And common answer given by Government for this attacks is POPULATION but if this population is used in rightful way it can help the nation hugely and that reason cannot be right because no common man like you and me is capable enough to carry out such attacks (and of course we cant do such cowardice thing) so this persons might be some specialist in doing all this so the security forces have only track such people having such network,such capability to destroy the harmony of our if they can't keep tab on them then you can't prevent this attacks.
            There is no need to catch any terrorist alive because our system has so many loop holes that any terrorist will never be punished.let it be Afzal guru or Ajmal kasab all at present are our national guest with the amount of security they have cannot be imagined by any mumbaikar .we as an Indian and as an Mumbaikar will only ask that"If you can't hang them then its Ok but the level of security given to them must also be given to us being taxpayer ofcourse".the money you are using to protect these terrorists are our money and we don't want our hard earned money to be used in protecting the person who has killed our countrymen and our faith on Government.

           whenever you buy any particular weapon for our security forces then it is commonsense that it has to be passed through various tests but with the quality of this weapons that are given to the force we can easily make out that this weapon wont last corruption should be removed when such important thing is being talked about. According to the article in HINDUSTAN TIMES Mumbai is coming in par with Pakistan and Afghanistan in number of people dying in terrorist if this attacks are not stopped now then we can be assured that we will soon top that list.
          so now after removing some of the rant in this article I will like to end this article and by god's grace if this ministers have some brain and use it in right place we will be assured to die a natural death irrespective of the cause.SO AGAIN FRIENDS YOUR FEEDBACK/COMMENT NEEDED TO IMPROVE MY BLOGS.