Saturday, 23 July 2011

A day for an EXTERNAL VIVA

          when we were small our english teacher would always give us essay to write on subjects like "An hour at an Examination centre or at bus stop or at hospital but if you want to write it on External viva then you should make it "A day for an external viva" because it never finishes before say 4:30-5:00 pm and mine number being behind it always take one whole day for an external viva for me because once you come home at 6:00pm you are in no mood for studying anything, believe me if you have your viva's one after other then it is better to study from before as after giving one viva you will be in no mood to study. find any engineering student and ask him about the toughest part of engineering life would be three thing :-
1)practical exams
2)writing papers(or the main semester exams)
3) and the main thing EXTERNAL VIVAS
practical exams are the one we students try to pass anyhow or you could say "kuch jhol ho hi jaata hai " for practical exams(its better not to reveal how we do this jhol).
next is writing paper in which you know that the things you have studied or there in the portion will be asked so you are relieved that atleast you might know something to pass that subject.
but in vivas you know there is no point in studying because the question which will be asked will be something you would have never heard or will never hear again till you are in job and know that particular language better then you used to learn during college days( you can use this point if your parents ask you why aren't you studying for your vivas), but seriously speaking we don't really care about vivas till it is last minute so when the day come, we will think that this portion cannot be done in so many months and this professors think we will finish it in one week but reality is we got enough time but we had chosen to do it later .but when we felt that it is next to impossible to finish the portion in one day we leave whole subject untouched and think that tomorrow after going to college we will see what external asks others and will learn that particular part only.
                And then finally the day arrives and you go to college well dressed up and reach early that particular day to see what does that external professor asks , but to our disappointment always that particular professor will comes late and you wonder that why I came so early. but when he arrives students get into intense pressure almost immediately panic as if war has been called or as if sachin is batting on 99  and the first question from  some students will be "kaisa hai External?strict lag raha hai?" but how will one answer without going in for the vivas. after first batch goes in all the student wait outside that room and the scene will more or less similar to the operation theatre where all people are waiting outside to hear some good news from inside in this case the good news might be the questions asked by external viva. and same process is followed for next three batches then after getting questions from all this batch we start preparing for vivas as if external knows only that much question and he cant ask anything else. but taking into account the time factor this much questions cant be done properly.
             if external is asking easy question then definitely he is getting blessing from all students but if he comes out to be someone strict then it would be something inverse ,students will curse him for that particular day and forget him after some days.
           but external vivas are there for our benefit to make us more confident in front of others and more importantly to make us study but we will be we no one can make us study not even External,this will be mindset of many students including me but reality is if we had studied earlier then during study leave that part would be done perfectly and would help us in exams but........we will never realize something which is for our betterment.